2024 In-Person Conference

2024 Annual ASNNA In-Person Conference

The Association of SNAP-Ed Nutrition Administrators (ASNNA) Conference, themed “SNAP-Ed: From Promise to Practice,” is a crucial convening for administrators, practitioners, and experts in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed). This event not only serves as an essential platform for sharing insights, strategies, and best practices in nutrition education interventions but also offers unparalleled networking opportunities. Attendees have the chance to connect with peers and thought leaders, fostering collaborations that translate the promise of SNAP-Ed into tangible, actionable practices benefiting diverse communities.

2024 ASNNA Annual Conference

February 06, 2024

Life in a Good Way Through Traditional Foodways

Speaker: Reagan Wytsalucy, MS

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Achieving the ‘Promise’ of the 2022 White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health by 2030. Moderated by Marci Scott.

Speakers: Karen Ehrens, Karen Probert, Chloe Green, Erin Parker

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Breakout Session #1

Improving Reach of Black or African American and Hispanic or Latino Audiences: A Panel Discussion

Speakers: Caitlin Kownacki, Haley Huynh, Becca Hofer

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Keeping the Promise: A Call to Re-Vision the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework

Speakers: Pamela Bruno, Carrie Draper, Susan Foerster, Kimberly Keller, Hyunjun Kim, Chanta’l Rose

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Helping Heal Health Inequity: Bringing SNAP-Education to People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Speakers: Leah Shaffner, Chris Mornick, Jen Moss, RD, Cindy Johnson 

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Weight Stigma in Nutrition Education: Using a Food Inequity Framework to Understand Bias in SNAP-Ed

Speakers: Jennifer Ward, Karen Franck

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Breakout Session #2

Development of a SNAP-Ed Health Equity Potential Score

Speakers: Miranda Westfall Brown

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Improving Quality of Direct Education while Maximizing Usage of SNAP-Ed Resources

Speakers: Lea Palmer

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Nutrition, Physical Activity and Mental Health: How Can SNAP-Ed Serve at the Intersection?

Speakers: Anne R. Lindsay, S M, Macy Helm

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Expanding SNAP-Ed Reach and Impact Equitably Via New Implementing Agencies

Speakers: Latresh Davenport, DaKia Scott, Wande Okunoren-Meadows, Rhea Bentley

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Breakout Session #3

SNAP-Ed Implementing Agency Perspectives on Health Equity Practices

Speakers: Amber Canto, Sara E. Benjamin-Neelon, PhD, JD, MPH, RD

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Fostering Food Justice: Kids Market @ The Store’s Approach to Equitable Nutrition Access

Speakers: Laura Hill, Kristin McCartney 

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Measuring Multiple PSE Changes at Elementary Schools: A SNAP-Ed NM Evaluation

Speakers: Theresa H Cruz, Camille Velarde

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From Seeds to Systems: How the Growing Together collaborative is using multi-level interventions to address nutrition security

Speakers: Katie Sorrell, Blake Connolly, Sarah Smith, Kaitlyn Streitmatter, Mindy Meuli, Christine Hradek

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The Promise of Evaluation in Informing SNAP-Ed Programming and Lifting Up SNAP-Ed Successes

Speaker: Natalie Cook, PhD

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February 07, 2024

FNS Actions on Nutrition Security & Health Equity

Speakers: Caree Cotwright, PhD, RDN, LD, Alberto Gonzalez Jr., MPP 

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Nutrition Education Branch SNAP-Ed Update

Speaker: Aurora Calvillo Buffington 

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SNAP-Ed Strategic Plan on Collaboration and Panel of USDA Programs and Partners

Speakers: Aurora Calvillo Buffington, Lisa Mays, MS, RD, Helen Chipman, PhD, RDN, Julie Skolmowski, MPH, RDN, Rachel Inman, MS, RD, Amanda Fleminger 

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Breakout Session #4

Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change Strategies in SNAP-Ed and Beyond!

Speakers: Angela Amico, MPH, Amy Branham, MS, RDN, LDN, Carrie Dooyema, MSN, MPH, RN

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Evaluation of Equity in SNAP-Ed: Best Practices and Recommendations

Speakers: Divyani Pendleton, MS, RD,Brittany Souvenir, NDTR

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A Comprehensive and Collaborative Approach to Increase SNAP Sales at Farmers Markets through PSE and Social Marketing

Speakers: Meredith Scott-Kaliki, Stephanie DeBerry, Cari Crittenden, Candance Gabel, Diana Prieto, Alexia Davila-Hicks, Diana Romano

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SNAP-Ed & GusNIP: Collaboration Across Federal Nutrition Programs

Speakers: Sandy Sherman, Kristin Mccartney, Christine Ciancetta, Jazmin Bojorquez, Dipa Shah

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Translating research into innovative tools to promote healthy eating among SNAP consumers: The case of the FM Engage Mobile App

Speakers: Shannon Walker, Patrick Tegge

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Effective Models, Tools, and Best Practices for Cultural Belonging in SNAP-Ed Programming

Speakers: Lea Palmer, Maria Jose Velasco Burgos 

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Breakout Session #5

Putting Down Roots: Building & Growing a Farm to ECE Program and Co-Op in Atlanta, GA

Speakers: Katie Leite 

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Join the Movement: providing technical support to a statewide Healthy Pantry Initiative

Speakers: Meredith Ledlie Johnson, Meaghan Butler

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Who Says? SNAP-Ed Can Use Storytelling in Government Program Evaluation

Speakers: Theresa Legros, Laurel Jacobs, Anvi Bhakta, MPH, MS,Kathryn Faull, MPH 

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Context Matters: How culture, community voice, and collaboration increased food access in three rural areas

Speakers: Trinity Allison, Michelle Fombelle, Lizz Cooley-Questelle, MPH, Kaitlyn Streitmatter

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Inspiring Childcare Centers to Enhance Nutrition & Physical Activity Guidelines

Speakers: Mindy Meuli, Kira Winters, Kali McCrackin Goodenough 

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Advancing Food is Medicine Strategies Through SNAP-Ed at a State and Local Levels

Speakers: Carrie Draper

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February 08, 2024

Race, Health, and Social Equity: Getting to Know the RHSE Committee

Speakers: Latresh Davenport, Mary Marczak, Chanta’l Rose 

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Over the Rainbow with SNAP-Ed Social Marketing

Speakers: Claudia Parvanta, PhD, Beth Peralta, Shayna Russo, LaCee Jimenez 

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