2024 Virtual Conference

2024 Annual ASNNA Virtual Conference

The Association of SNAP-Ed Nutrition Administrators (ASNNA) Virtual Conference, themed “SNAP-Ed: From Promise to Practice,” is an essential series of virtual presentations for administrators, practitioners, and experts in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed). This virtual event focuses on sharing insights, strategies, and best practices in nutrition education interventions, aiming to transform the foundational promise of SNAP-Ed into practical, effective actions that positively impact diverse communities, all accessible from the comfort of your own space.

2024 ASNNA Annual Conference

Conference Recordings

Day 1

2024 Conference Recording Day 1

Covering the Program Delivery and Communications presentations.

Day 2

2024 Conference Recording Day 2: Part 1

Covering Staff Training and Evaluation presentations.

Day 2

2024 Conference Recording Day 2: Part 2

Covering Evaluations (continued from part 1) and Reaching Diverse Audiences presentations.

Day 2

2024 Conference Recording Day 2: Part 3

Covering Collaboration presentations.

Day 1: Block 2


Core Competencies for Social Media and Marketing Initiatives
Sarah Misyak, Keely Blankenship, Stephanie DeBerry, Beth Peralta, LaToya Drake

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Comprehensive Social Marketing Campaign: Drink Water, Georgia!
Emily Walters, Dr. Jung Sun Lee, Edda Cotto-Rivera, Dr. Vibha Bhargava, Tristen

Improving Social Media’s Reach to Promote Healthy Behaviors among Parents of SNAP-Eligible Preschoolers
Kathleen Davis

Day 2: Block 3

Reaching Diverse Audiences

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