Supporting Those Who Nourish Their Communities Through SNAP Education

ASNNA is the Association of SNAP Nutrition Education Administrators.

We are a professional organization for SNAP Nutrition Education administrators dedicated to improving the nutritional status of SNAP recipients and those eligible for SNAP-Ed.

By utilizing comprehensive, integrated approaches to nutrition education and obesity prevention, food security, and physical activity, we work together to promote communication at the state, regional, and national levels with program issues and success. ASNNA also serves as a nationwide resource for nutrition education and obesity prevention, network expertise, partnership development, and policy advocacy.

We strive to advance successful practices that lead to incorporating the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, specifically among SNAP-eligible individuals and communities.

February 3rd, 2020

ASNNA Nutrition Education
and Obesity Prevention Grant Program Recommendations

The Association of SNAP Nutrition Education Administrators (ASNNA) extends its appreciation to leaders from 21 states who participated in a workshop on implementing provisions of the SNAP Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Services Grant Program (SNAP-Ed) in the 2018 Farm Bill. The convening was held on February 3, 2020, in Alexandria, Virginia. See the Full Paper Here



2023 ASNNA Team

Call for ASNNA Leadership Team Nominations!

ASNNA’s strength is in its members, representing a wide range of organizations and perspectives, but all committed to having a positive impact on peoples’ live through SNAP-Ed. As an all-volunteer organization, ASNNA’s members are the heart of our collective work.

ASNNA’s Leadership Team (LT) is also made up of volunteers. LT oversees the day-to-day operations of ASNNA and supports committee work to optimize impact and strengthen SNAP-Ed.

For 2022, there are three (3) open positions on LT and all members are encouraged to consider joining the slate of candidates. ASNNA is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We strive for a LT that welcomes and engages diverse (e.g., age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, and experience) candidates in addition to members that represent a variety of geographies and agency types.

If you are interested in joining LT, or know someone who is, visit the Bylaws section of this page to learn about eligibility and the process.

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