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Welcome to the first step of an ASNNA Membership!

There are three different types of ASNNA Membership, an Individual, Institutional, or State Implementing Agency Membership. 

For the ASNNA Individual Membership go here.

For the ASNNA State Implementing Agency Membership go here.

An ASNNA Institutional Membership is $500 per year.
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State Agency (SA) or the Implementing Agency (IA) needs to purchase the State Implementing Agency Membership. It entitles membership for 5 SNAP-Ed Administrators. If the SA pays, five memberships are determined by the SA. If the IA pays, five memberships are determined by the IA, plus free SA membership for a total of 6 memberships.

The names of voting members must be reported at least two weeks prior to the ASNNA Conference. ASNNA members will be notified of the process for reporting voting members soon.

Please note, not all ASNNA members are voting members. See the Voting Members section of our bylaws.

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