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All Memberships Include:

• Discounted registration for the Annual Conference.

• Receive the twice-monthly ASNNA Share newsletter filled with numerous resources including FNS updates, professional development opportunities, open forum dates, and job announcements.

• Network with state, regional and national colleagues, and leaders.

• Stay up to date on emerging issues and strategies in the field.

• Participate in advocacy and important public policy education.

• Engage with colleagues nationwide by serving on a committee.

Strengthen your leadership skills by chairing/co-chairing a committee or serving as a member of the Leadership Team.

Participate in Quarterly Membership Meetings to stay up to date on the work of the organization.

Dialogue with state voting representatives to shape the future of the organization.

Individual and administrative emeritus dues are not an allowable SNAP-Ed expense. Individual dues are non-transferable. If you are unsure, please contact your State Agency or your FNS Regional Coordinator


I am purchasing an ASNNA membership on behalf of my institution/organization/agency but will not be included as an ASNNA member. What are the steps for registration and purchase of an ASNNA membership?

The membership portal requires a registered user to create memberships. Therefore, you will be required to create a username and password. However, you should indicate on the registration page that you are registering on behalf of your organization in the required field on the registration page. Please do not opt-in to be added to the members-only listserv. 

Should I register for an Institutional Membership or a State Implementing Agency Membership?

State Implementing Agency membership should be selected if the State Implementing Agency (SIA) pays. The SIA determines the five memberships, plus one additional membership for a member from the State Agency. 

Institutional Membership should be selected if the Implementing Agency (IA) or Local Implementing Agency (LIA) pays. The IA or LIA determines the five memberships and one additional member from the State Agency can be included. If you require an additional membership that is granted per your membership level, please reach out to to have the additional member added.  

Why must all members create a membership profile?

Starting March 1, 2023, ASNNA will be updating the membership listserv to include only current, active members. Additionally, it is vitally important for ASNNA to have an accurate and complete list of all members to ensure we are representative of all SNAP-Ed agencies. 

How do I register and purchase membership using a purchase order?

First, fill out the PO registration form found here. Next, send your purchase order via email to the address or fax it to 434.566.0300. Within 2 business days, we will reach out with instructions for sending payment. Once payment is received and cleared, instructions will be sent for setting up your online membership.  

I signed up for the wrong membership type, how can I fix this?

Send an email to with the pertinent details so that we can help fix the issue for you. 

I need to replace one of the members registered under my institutional or SIA membership with someone else.

Send an email to and include the name of the organization, the name of the person being removed, and the name, email address, and title of the new member to be added. 

How can I sign up online for the 2023 Membership with my current account?

First, log in to your existing account and navigate to your subscriptions tab. If you want to purchase the same membership type as last year, navigate to the “subscribe” option in the row with that membership. Keep in mind that we’ve added a SIA option. If you are an SIA, keep reading to see how to add a new membership type to your account. 


If you are purchasing a different membership type than what you had in 2022, log in to your existing account, then navigate using the top bar menu, and under “Resources” select “Become a Member”. From there choose the membership type you would like to purchase (Individual, Institutional, or SIA) and complete the registration process.  

How do I change my account information?

You are able to manage your account information within your membership profile. Log in to your account and navigate to the “Home” tab. Under the tabs, you will see all your account information. Update the information desired then select “Save Profile” at the bottom of the page. 

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